How to handle dating a marine

Another wife, Jamie-Lynn recalls some of the best advice she ever received, "was from an Army wife of 12 years. I had just found out where our first orders were and was not thrilled over the location. She looked at me and told me, 'Bloom where you're planted, baby doll. Bloom where you're planted! I don't ever watch he news when he's gone. It seems like every time I do tune in something is happening where he's supposed to be, and it's too hard to worry like that.

I spend days terrified something has happened, meanwhile, he's playing poker with his buddies waiting around for something to do. If you can't pull yourself away completely, take Rickert's lead and "only watch the news in moderation. Wait for the Army to tell you the truth, and the saying is true. No news is good news. It may sound obvious, but most of the wives emphasized how important it really is to make good friends and get involved in the community.

When Jennifer Grier first told her former Marine father that she was marrying a Marine, he offered his support, but also a few suggestions. He said to be strong and make good friends, because the Marines and friends we'd make along the way would be very much a family to us and they'd often be the ones who got us through the hard times.

Ray suggests getting involved with al local Family Readiness program, "the network is great for support! According to Rebecca Selfridge, a Marine girlfriend from Massachusetts, getting involved and informed has kept her sane. I found his unit's website, I read and printed all the newsletters. I learned the Marine acronyms and terminology I don't think it would have worked out if he just took off places and I just sat around clueless about where he was going and what he was doing. Grier chimes in with an important tip she learned at a L.

In the military community, gossip flies faster than Cs and can be twice as deadly. We all know that 'loose lips sink ships' and that following Operational Security OPSEC is a must for mission security, but many wives also caution about staying out of the personal gossip flying around back home and abroad. Nothing is ever official until it's in writing, and even then it's subject to change. As a general rule, I don't count on anything until his boots hit the ground. Army-wife-to-be Rachel Friedhoff agrees, saying "I learned the hard way not to listen to rumors. Listening to all the talk just made for an emotional roller coaster, so eventually we learned to just ignore the rumors.

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It just causes drama. Of all the advice these women had to offer, some of the best tips were often the simplest. Marine wife Jessica K. Things change fast and often, and it's absolutely essential that you, as a spouse, are able to roll with the punches as those changes affect your life too!

Marine girlfriend Jessica Schleimer tries to remember that "Everything does happen for a reason, and while we don't always know the reason right away, it will lead to the right path.

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Just basically, be patient ad things will work themselves out. Lee agrees advising, "Be flexible and patient! Nothing happens the way it's supposed to, or when it's supposed to, so learn to go with the flow. Spouse Military Life Newbies and Brides. Related Topics Family and Spouse. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.

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  • Words of Advice for a New Military Wife The new military wife advice will make starting your new life as a military spouse so much easier. My Profile News Home Page. How To Find the Best Transition Resources How can a supportive spouse help her transitioning service member find the career advice he needs? Facing the Financial Transition Finding the help and resources you need to plan for your financial transition from the military is critical.

    But what do veterans thems This course could help. This mobile spouse career may just be right for you. Use these five hacks to make your next home, well, more home like. Related Military Life Articles. But how do you find one?

    How to Date a Marine

    Here are three tips for finding joy in military life. We've got you covered. She Turned Her Grief to Giving. I skipped cardio to hear from him!! I check and re-check my email. I finally give up waiting around I finally find an appropriate outfit and check my email again. I wear his dog tag around my neck on a chain he gave me at Christmastime that was originally for this beautiful stone he set for me, but I broke it, but I feel closer to him with the dog tag around my neck.

    Get Out of the House

    When I am finally home for the night and settled in, before I go to bed I always write one goodnight email to tell him about what happened during the day or things that reminded me of him, and of course, how much I miss him. Which happened to involve actual phone call stress, which turned into nothing in the long run like it usually does.

    Boyfriend Joining Marines: How To Make Relationship Work @hodgetwins

    I recently started to date a future marine.. We met at a family friend New Years Eve party and ever since then I've fallen so hard for him. Ever since he told me he's leaving for boot camp this coming fall, it already scares me. I know its only been a month since I've met him but I care about him so much and see a real future with him.

    I'm so proud to know he's going for his dream and facing his fears and doing something so great like this. It's just so scary to even think about loosing the person you care about. After reading this and reading all the comments I feel so inspired to make this relationship long-lasting and be with him through every step of the way of being a marine. It is so scary but after reading this I see that no matter how scary it is, the happiness and love is worth it all.

    Good luck to all who are pursuing relationships with the courageous men they love. Oh my goodness, your story brought me to tears! My boyfriend told me it has always been his childhood dream to join the Marine Corps. Now that he's 21 years old and not getting any younger, he wants to pursue it. Once I knew he was serious about the Marines, the reality of him leaving hit me so hard. I've been looking for stories like this all over because I was curious to see how this would impact my life coming from someone who lives it daily. Your story hits so close to home because I can put myself in your shoes and I would be doing the exact same thing.

    He's my world and he knows it.

    A Day In the Life of a US Marine Girlfriend | Long Distance Relationships

    So long distance is really going to test our relationship. But reading your story and other people's experiences in the comments, it really gave me hope. In the end it will all be worth it. Thank you for sharing! I've been in a relationship with my marine for almost a month now.

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    We've known each other long before that. It's going to be almost a year since we met each other. He's originally from Cali from a city 2 hours away from mine, but he is currently stationed in Arizona.