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I'm not an artist. If anyone wants to use their talent to revamp it, by all means What's "smoker" doing here? Some people like to smoke. They put it in their profile: That doesn't make them "shitty dates", you judgemental son of a silly person. I never went on a date with any smokers, but smoking is a dealbreaker for me. The reason its on there is because I found women who were pretty awesome I was SO disappointed! It's perfectly fine if it's a dealbreaker for you, as I'm sure it is for many people.

However this is a chart you contributed to an public community, therefore implicitely you present it as an objectively negative trait. Basically you put being a smoker on the same level as believing the Earth is bigger than the sun, which is why I find that judgemental. No I'm not a smoker. I hang out with smokers though. On occasion I may smoke a little when we go out, like one or two cigarettes every other month. But I don't think that qualifies me as a smoker. Why would you ask me that?

I don't think it's a respectful attitude to suggest somebody should change their life choices when you don't even know them. I asked you that because its Humanity has collectively known for decades now that smoking is dangerous to yourself, those around you, and has serious implications for you socially as well. Ok now you're becoming just funny. Do you have a drink on occasion? Well I guess you're an alcoholic in denial then. Where did I say smoking was not dangerous? Every one knows that it's bad fo your health. Like lots of things.

It still feels good, and I don't need your approval to live my life as I see fit. By the way, I also eat junk food and rarely exercise, I'm probably going to die any minute now. Have fun filling your "bingo" and complaining about people who won't date you or that you don't deem worthy of being dated, meanwhile I'll be over here on the other side of the Atlantic, enjoying myself and meeting fun people that don't go around judging strangers over the internet.

Hence, your argument does not apply. My logic is still valid. Furthermore, alcohol does not have a second-hand smoke equivalent. Alcohol doesn't make your clothes and living space smell bad and repulse people it gets on your breath, but it goes away. That, and society doesn't have as much of a stigma against someone who has a drink every once in awhile vs.

People judge you differently, which absolutely has an effect on your life. No, you don't, and I never said that you did. You totally have the right to smoke all you want if your second hand smoke is contained. You also have the right to get a swastika tattooed to your throat. If you do, however, you need to accept the consequences of your decision. That right there is the key point.

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Don't be surprised when minimum wage food service jobs are the only ones available to you and all the grown-up jobs "suddenly got filled. But you're still 1. If you're OK with all this, then Smoke more, in fact! Its unlikely to kill you right away, actually.

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However, note that a poor diet with no exercise means those of the opposite sex usually aren't attracted to you. Otherwise, if you'd like to be taken seriously on the dating market, minimize the junk food and hit the gym. Have fun filling your "bingo" and complaining about people who won't date you or that you don't deem worthy of being dated,. Boy, you sure took that stuff about smoking personally, huh? Why is it that your ego gets bruised so easily?

Confidence is another key to success in the dating market. You need to work on that. Or not, if you're OK with being mediocre Your statement here implies that I'm not enjoying myself, nor meeting fun people, which is incorrect. You're right in that I judge people, though I use the term "forming an opinion.

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What you completely fail to understand is that the strong opinions you have on smoking are not universal. Besides, even the social stigma you are referring to is a cultural thing, it's very noticable in the US but unusual elsewhere. Here in France, smoking is just seen as an unhealthy habit, as it should be. People won't judge you like you are doing unless you actually do something anti-social, like smoke inside a public building or throw a cigarette butt on the ground.

You are a very judgemental person and it's not going to help you, I can honestly say this attitude of yours is way more detrimental to your social interactions than my very occasional smoking will ever be. In what world do you live that smokers can't get jobs? Seriously, if that's something you actually believe you should start going out more.

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I have a job, I'm working on a PhD, thanks for your concern. By the way, my thesis director, a reputable professor, is a smoker, and he holds many prestigious offices at the lab, grad school and university. I don't have trouble dating, where did you get that from?

I'm not the one who posts a "bingo" that reeks of frustration. I don't think I ever posted on this sub before actually, although I'm not certain. Forming an opinion on people is normal, going out of your way to be moralizing and judgemental is not. That's just douchey, sorry. This conversation reminds me of a South Park episode about the smoking thing, can't remember the season though. If you also mindlessly swipe through the faces without seriously considering them as potential partners, or even if you take the app more seriously, it might be a fun game for you.

My friends and I all date men, so we saw a lot of shirtless selfies and gym photos, but the game works for other profiles as well. Feel free to switch it up to make it more your style! First, either print off a blank bingo card, or draw one yourself - it should be divided into five squares horizontal by five squares vertical. Then, each player fills in the squares with common things they find on profiles. These can be either statements in bios, or certain types of photos they see a lot. When you find someone that falls under one of your statements, cross off that square.

The first one to fill out their card gets Bingo!

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Ah, the classic pose. How else are you supposed to know he goes to the gym? Possibly accompanied with a photo of him smoking. Maybe he just needs a platform to share his political views, nothing wrong with that. I had no idea how many people in Victoria loved camping until I went on Tinder.

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Similarly, there are also countless photos of guys holding fish, standing on top of a mountain, or posing in front of a river. Not that I blame them, Vancouver Island is a beautiful place, with so many places to explore. Everyone needs an adventure buddy.

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This one is pretty specific, yet we always seemed to be able to find someone to match it.